Product Lifecycle/ Feature Overview

The process our ops team works through during the first 30 days of production:

Express Website (15–20 working days)
  • Express website is the most highly optimised for search engine performance
  • Basic package includes a tailored home page and contact us page
  • dLook register your preferred URL or website address (keyword focused)
  • dLook will build your content based on brief questionnaire to simplify the process
Display Ad (5–7 working days)
  • Island banner ad (300 x 250) served on category pages and vertical search websites
  • Increased brand awareness to targeted audience
  • Display ads are rotated throughout the dlook site on general rotation
  • Display ads are also rotated on 2GB – dLook shared pages (where applicable)
Promotional Video (5–10 working days)
  • Short promotional video showcasing your business using your images and business logo
  • Promo video runs approximately 30 – 60 seconds
  • Hosted on the dLook YouTube channel -
  • Embedded on your Branding page and Express website
Branding Page (5-15 working days)
  • dLook Branding page anchors keyword text and provides relevant
  • Added to the related vertical search websites extending your business reach (dLook manage over 200+ vertical search websites)
  • Branding page captures key services, contact information and graphics all in one location

Additional steps (optional broadcast and customer optimisation opportunities):

On Air Broadcast (1–2 months from launch date)
  • On Air is exclusive to the 2GB – dLook Express On Air bundle
  • Your business broadcast throughout the Sydney region on the regions number 1 station
  • Base package includes 8 slots, morning + best time available (extra modules available)
  • The broadcast will be scheduled 6 – 8 weeks following initial launch date
Online Reviews (4–6 weeks)
  • Branding Page includes customer reviews / testimonials
  • Keep page fresh by asking customers to add a review at least every 4–6 weeks
  • Business reviews on dLook reviews, relevant category pages and vertical search sites
Special Promos / Coupons
  • Branding Page features includes a free coupon facility
  • Create targeted coupons, specials or promotions
  • Showcases your business on our coupons page, relevant category pages and vertical search sites
Quote Requests
  • Branding Page includes a free quotes request facility
  • Ensuring your email is added allows you to receive quote requests without charge
Online Dashboard
  • Log in to your own dashboard to see daily stats
  • Latest updates and resources
  • Make changes to your Branding Page
Next Steps
  • Speak to dLook about social media packages, added Broadcast options, Express + packs (Gallery page, Additional pages)